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Photo of L-R Lerato Lipere, Tshediso Kabulu, Nosiphiwo Samente, Thapelo Kotlolo & Tony Banyatsi by Kevin Clifford.


Where do you come from?  Where are you heading? Where is Home?

"A show that you watch with your heart and not your head. Thoughts are bypassed and it speaks straight to your soul. Certainly the standing ovation provided enthusiastically by the audience hints at a greater tour to follow."  Katherine Alcock, The Prickle

"Where Is Home? is a brave exploration of togetherness, fellowship and love." Asterope Tia Chatzinikola, London Dance


"Fantastic. Life affirming. Light and dark. Fabulously talented. State of Emergency always produce high quality shows - so high." Edson Burton, Writer and Poet

"A breath of fresh air. Good to see a company who are not the usual suspects performing at Edinburgh Fringe." James Mackenzie, Artistic Director, ZOO Venues




Brilliant vibes and story!

Fantastic Energetic Superb Cultured

Shaun Clarke (Black British Male 30-39)


A beautiful tale combining tradition with modern; a story of love, identity, internal and social conflict. Beautifully amalgamated colour, dance, music and history.

Captivating Breath-taking Beautiful Emotional

Nela Klomfarova (White European Female 20-29)

Excellent and hardworking crew. Impressive performance. You all have a bigger and brighter future. Good luck for more upcoming shows.

Very Impressive Dance Show

Shubham Vitkar (Asian/Indian Male 16-19)


It was amazing! I love the mix of dance styles and live music. I could understand the story clearly and the quality was so good. Congratulations to the whole crew.

Professional Funny Unique Inspirational

Marta Beccatini (Spanish Female 20-29)


Really enjoyed it - loved the live music - the mix of techniques the performers demonstrated. I felt connected to their story and found it really powerful - it made me think of what home means to me. The performers were fantastic! Loved it!

Powerful Emotive Rhythmical Fun

Sophina Jagot (British Indian with African Heritage Female 30-39)


A fantastic burst of energy, passion and thought-provoking emotion. A true pleasure and privilege to watch. It surpassed my expectations.

Passion Love Tragedy Sincerity

Alexander Mushore (Black British African Caribbean Male 20-29)

I loved it. It was fun to watch. Enthusiastic. Good job!

Fun Entertaining Energetic Rhythmic

Ana Rita Narciso (Portuguese Female 20-29)


The dancers and storyline were amazing to watch. Very inspiring!

Energetic Inspiring Rhythm Important

Anna-Leigh Woodall (Black Caribbean Female 20-29)


Beautiful. Dancing incredible, showing tradition and modern dance, telling an amazing story. Made me want to dance with you!

Inspiring Breath-taking Entertaining Emotional

Petra Klomfarova (White European Female 30-39)


GREAT! Please let us have more of this amazing dancing!

Captivating Entertaining Energetic Beautiful

Colette Laeote (White British Female 60-69)

My expectations were met, and more.

Brilliant Energising Uplifting Motivational

Ruth Pitter (Black British Female 50-59)


Brilliant. Lit up my day and evening.

Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant & Brilliant

Judith Days (Black Caribbean Female 40-49)


More of the same please!

Awesome Epic Authentic

Julz (Black Caribbean Male 20-29)


AMAZING! Don't normally go to see dance and was so impressed. Very fun. Wonderfully choreographed. Really enjoyed the narrative.

Inspiring Creative Fun Happy

Laura Corbett (White British Female 30-39)


Fantastic, enjoyed every minute. Loved the mix of dance styles.

Energising Captivating Exciting Multi-Faceted

Sara Seydi (White British Female 40-49)


It was amazing! I loved it so much. Being from Zimbabwe I was able to relate to the music and storyline. I really enjoyed it. Hell yes!

Amazing Piece Of Theatre

Charmaine Zinyemba (Black African Female 16-19)


I think it was amazing how they incorporated all dance styles into the show and how the story was told so beautifully. Loved the workshop.

Cultural Energetic Fun Inspiring

Melanie Pledger (White British Female 20-29)


It was amazing. A great mix of African and contemporary dance. Very refreshing.

Eye-catching Upbeat Cultural Informative

Naya Reid (Afro-Caribbean Female 16-19)

Captivating! Wasn't sure what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Joyful Moving Captivating Stunning

Jennifer Garrett (White British Female 20-29)


The show was better than expected. Dancers were amazing. Very positive energy and extremely professional dancers.

Dynamic Passionate Fluid Professional

Petya Kangalova (White Other Female 20-29)


Brilliant! Very talented performers and lots of energy.

Energetic Fun Political Musical

Kirsty Johnson (Mixed Asian/White Female 30-39)


Amazing! So much energy from the dancers and great to have live musicians. Cool dancing.

Energetic Creative Joyful Exhuberant

Chloe (Female 30-39)


I found it immersive, enjoyable and found myself completely engrossed from start to finish. I couldn't keep still in my seat with all the dancing.

Fun Joyous Energetic Immersive

Simon Little (White British Male 30-39)


Really amazingly "whole" in terms of fusion of dance, beat, song. Great energy and story. Band and music very strong. Wanted to dance. Thank you. Relevant to the state of the world.

Organic Joyful Free Eclectic

Becky (White British Female 50-59)


Really great - amazing dancing and music, great story.

Energetic,Visually Brilliant, Entertaining

Sarah M (White British Female 30-39)


Brilliant! Would love to see more.

Incredible Energetic Fabulous Joyful

Ali McAdams (White British Female 30-39)


I very much enjoyed it. I think the music was amazing and the dancers were incredible.

Entertaining Good Choreography and Amazing Musicians

Araceti Martin (White European Female 50-59)


Loved it.

Energetic Uplifting Made Me Want To Dance!

Diane Godwin (White British Female 50-59)


Brilliant. Was feeling shit and now I feel alive!! The passion was beautiful. Incredible atmosphere. Loved how many different types of art/skill were shown. Structure really good. Gorgeous arms and smiles. Love the lifts and when they used their necks in their movement.

Passion Feeling Universal Story

Monika Silkenas (White Swedish Female 16-19)


Absolutely absorbing. Great storytelling. Lots of energy. Well produced. Choreography is amazing.

Energetic Passionate Authentic Memorable

Cardine Blair (White British Female 50-59)


Fantastic! Beautiful moves, skillful and real. Evocative scenes, amazing music - especially the drummer. Great to have live drumming with dance. They communicate with each other and with the audience.

Journey Through Life's Tapestry

Lisa D’Orso (White British Female 50-59)


Brill music and dancing.

Energetic Young Vivacious Optimistic

Liz Beth (White British Female 60-69)


Beautiful, energetic dance. Very entertaining and endlessly varied. Great music as well.

Life Affirming Joyous

Carol Huck


Unbelievable, vital and emotional. Very clear storyline and narrative, and the live music and dialogue helped cement the piece together. I don't usually follow dance narrative, but this was different.

Clear Emotional Rollercoaster Story

Kevin Hughes (White British Male 50-59)


Loved it! Great energy production and choreography - and a huge privilege to witness such amazing talent.

Energetic Touching Accomplished & Fun

Kate Williams (White British Female 30-39)


Brilliant. Such energy and verve. Uplifting and emotional.

Vital Amazing Varied Spectacular

Alan Nye


Fabulous moves. Great dancing.

Move Natural Exhilerating Dance

A Pickford


Excellent! Congratulations!

Variety Storytelling Celebrating Rhythmical

Rebecca Seymour (White British Female 50-59)


One word: Longing. Amazing movement and energy. Liked the radio scene in LA in contrast with Soweto scene a lot. Enjoyed the exploration of ancestry and roots. I don't watch a lot of dance, so felt a bit lost at times. I think you could lose some material from the first half and condense the show to 75 minutes.

Stunning Energy Connection (with) Culture/Home

Polly Tisdall (White British Female 20-29)


It's a time I remember but would appeal to all generations as these themes are timeless and recur throughout history. The live music was great.

Unexpected Moving Inventive Joyous

Judy Gosmore (White British Female 50-59)


Wonderful - great energy - fabulously multi-talented and inventive. Really enjoyed. Loved all the different styles, all feeling equally authentice in the mix. I had high expectations, having heard of the company before, but I think it was more inventive, joyful and loveable than I expected.

Multi-Talented Energetic Inventive Solo

Anna Davis (White British Female 30-39)


Great experience. Brilliant dancers.

Wonderful Energetic Imaginative Creative

T Bow


Brilliant energy - fab fusion of dance styles and excellent talent.

Sam Bridges


Amazing!! Very inspiring. Great music and choreography.

Versatile Engaging Great Emotion

Jana (White British Female 30-39)


Really felt the story, the journey and most of all, had fun!

Amazing Powerful Rhythmic Emotive

Clare Williams (White British Female 30-39)

Amazing. Technique was incredible. Loved the story and thought dancing was amazing. Loved the music and thought the cultural theme added to the narrative.

Energetic Real Fun Culture

Sophie O’Brien (White British Female 20-24)


It was brilliant. All of that energy and positive way was amazing.

Energy Postivism Enjoyment

Christian Belev (EU White Male 16-19)


Amazing, full of life, brilliant story. Love it so much.

Colourful Interesting Energetic Mesmerising

Emily Bass (White British Female 20-29)


I thought it was very upbeat and fun to watch. I enjoyed how the dancers moved differently from what I'd normally see or expect.

Energetic Touching Fun Upbeat Different

Ellie Salisbury (White British Female 16-19)


Excellent performance, beautiful dancing and fantastic music.

Dan Frank (Mixed Race Male 16-19)


Excellent choreography throughout the whole show. I wish I could have dance moves like that.

Reflective Fluid Powerful Energetic

Adam Brown (White British Male 16-19)


Did not expect it to be that style of performance. Loved the blend of music, dance and theatre. Really impactful scenes that are relevant in today's world. The cast and live band were incredible.

Physical Rhythmic Emotional Passionate

Harry Whittaker (White British Male 20-29)


Amazing!! Took me by surprise. I loved the musicians. They complemented the performance. The dancers had so much energy and kept it throughout.

Outstanding Performance Energy Touching

Abbie Campbell (Mixed British Female 16-19)


Brilliant. Can't compare!

Mind Blowing And Energetic

Richard Ogunuobi (Black British Male 16-19)


I really liked the show in terms of dancing and singing and it made me feel really nice, and also made me think about my roots as well. On the other hand, sometimes I was confused about the story.

Fun Technical Combination Culture

Despoina Natsiou (White Other Female 20-29)


I thought it was great! Each and every performer sold it so well and have amazing technique. Really inspiring for people wanting to perform and create.

Fun Relateable Energetic Soulful

Laura Daly (White British Female 20-29)


Emotional story - amazing energetic choreography. Interesting use of body percussion. Props used imaginatively. Beautiful voices. Loved the live music. The fusion of different styles conveyed well. Loved the workshop.

Energetic Playful Political Cultural

Georgina Roe (White British Female 20-29)


Absolutely wonderful. Compelling story. Likeable characters. Very moving.

Amazing Entertaining Enjoyable Beautiful

Jack Empson (White British Male 16-19)


I thought the show was good.

Energetic Passionate Colourful Exciting

Theo Johns (Black African/Caribbean 16-19)



Interesting Amazing Cultural

Sarah Musgrave (White British Female 20-29)


Amazing!! The variety of movement and atmospheres was incredible. My dissertation is related to African dance.

Outstanding Cultural Energetic Inspirational

Ashton Taylor (White British Female 20-29)


Enjoyed it. Glad I had an opportunity to see it as nothing similar has toured to Bedford yet. Enjoyed the style of music and the movement.

Enjoyable Energetic Inspiring Fun

Kate Burt (White British Female 20-29)


Fabulous and exciting.

Very Entertaining And Different

Ellyse Brolia (White British Female 20-29)


Very upbeat and high energy. Also love the story line.

Energetic Creative Cultural Strong

Yasmin Medji (Mixed Race Female 16-19)


An interesting fuse of dances to tell a story.

Technical Exciting Fun Unique

Maisie Day (White British Female 16-19)


It was really good - the linking of styles and genres, and interesting to watch. The live music was also excellent as it added to the energetic atmosphere. I felt the narrative was a bit hard to follow, so just needs some clarification.

Interesting Multi-Cultural Rhythmic Exciting

Letitia Bonson (White British Female 20-29)


Bold Messy Bright Funky

Adela Vaida (White Other Female 20-29)


Vibrant Fascinating Culture Energetic

Jessie (White British Female 16-19)


I thought the show was very entertaining and engaging to watch throughout.

Lively Energetic Creative Different

Jessica Cropper (White British Female 16-19)


Loved the mix of dance and music and the different styles. Sometimes hard to follow.

Energetic Technical Rhythmic Inter-disciplinary

Rebecca Norman (White British Female 16-19)


I loved the eclectic mix of styles. I found it very interesting.

Musical Exciting Energetic Inspiring

Emily Garner (White British Female 20-29)


I thought it was totally amazing. I loved the show so much. It was banging. The dance styles, the music - LOVED IT!

Inspiring Amazing Banging

Lucienne Labep


Amazing talented dancers; their great energy matched by the impressive music. My concentration was totally focused throughout.

Amazing Sensitive Storytelling Presentation

Jill Marshall (White British Female 80-89)


Great - wonderful rhythm, clever sound effects and use of props.

Talented Rhythmic South Africans

K Wild (White British Female 50-59)


Great use of tables as the only props. Relevant to all the home seekers of today - the migrants, refugees, rural dispossesed. African and Afro-American music and dance has moved the world so much.

Fantastic High Energy Exuberance

Adam Cade (White British Male 60-69)


Brilliant dance and music. Singing and body percussion were exciting. Lovely use of props - very talented performers.

Energetic Emotional Exciting Engaging

Mary Cade (White British Female 60-69)


GREAT! I do wish you'd had a bigger audience. You certainly deserve one.

Energetic Vibrant Thought-provoking Dynamic

Maxine Beck (White British Female 60-69)


I loved the show - the feel - the dance - the music - the energy.

Professional Assured Lively Skillful

Richard Smith (White British Male 60-69)


Good. Talented musicians and dancers. Creative storytelling.

Power Energy Passion Life

Maggie Hunter


Fantastic! A wonderful mix of African and contemporary Western dance. I loved the energy and commitment of the company.

Committed Cultural Delight "Home" Love

Brenda Smith (White British Female 60-69)


I thought it was great - very energetic dancing - full of enthusiasm. Lovely music and drumming. Found the plot a bit difficult to follow but it didn't matter.

Exciting Musical Energetic Warm

Nicki Morphy (White British Female 60-69)



G Brown (White British Male 60-69)


Terrific Mesmerising Compelling

Jonathon Theobald (White British Male 60-69)


Very moving. I have lived in South Africa. I could feel the tensions and the tribal element was well portrayed. The dancers were terrific. Thank you.

Energetic Moving Rhythmic Sad

Liz Walsh (White British Female)


Excellent, energetic - able to engage and react with each other seamlessly. Great music too - moody, diverse and a blend of styles.

Vibrant Acrobatic Graceful Soundscape

Carol Paten (White British Female 60-69)


Interesting. Needs more story.

Amazing Dancing

Mary Hoyle (White British Female 60-69)


Wonderful music and brilliant dance. I found the narrative hard to follow, but enjoyed it throughout.

Energy Rhythm Beauty Melody

Ken Stott (White British Male 50-59)


I loved the exuberant and committed performances. The story hung together and was moving.

Passionate Exhilarating Energetic Nuanced

Paula (White British Female 40-49)


Thoroughly enjoying!

So Much Skill & Energy

Steph Stock (White African Female 40-49)


In our opinions they are wonderful. They performed well. It was a perfect experience.

Complete Artists Make History

Chen & Yuko (Asian Chinese & Japanese Male & Female 30-39)


Beautiful. Very creative but hard to follow some of the detail of the story.

Brilliant Energetic Insightful Youths

Freddy (Black African Male)


Very well structured. Creative, energetic and co-ordinated.

Engaging Powerful Entertaining

Angelina Jalonen (Black African Female 50-59)


An unique modern African dance, music, drama exploration of a male refugee. I came to support this centre and Black grass roots arts.

Matthew Emile (Black Caribbean Male 40-49)


Put together well. I can understand the story through just dance. Perhaps tighter in choreography, but still blew me away. Happy to be here watching.

Vibrant Fun Amazing Interesting

Natasha Jalonen (Mixed Race Female 20-29)


Lively energetic piece. Fab music - shame not used more in the transitions. Told the story really well - great range of styles and techniques. Excellent ensemble pieces - on point. Fabulous evening - more work like this please.

Stong Entertaining Interesting Dynamic

Sue Pavelkova (White British Female 60-69)

Good performance/Excellent. Shows varied dance styles, competently choreographed and has strong visual impact. Music is also excellent - love the drummer. Great voices! Very different.

Entertaining Interesting Lively Engaging

Sankofa Small (African Caribbean Female 50-59)


Very important and relevant themes explored and well executed by extremely engaging and talented performers. Excellent experience.

Original Cultural Energetic Talented

Debbie Quail (Mixed/Multi-Racial Female 40-49)


It was wonderful - a moving fusion of cultures, both celebratory and mournful, full of empathy. Definitely the kind of piece I will share with friends

Powerful Emotive Impactful Joyful

Delmas (White French Female 20-29)


Very exciting and inspiring. It took the audience on a journey. Loved the bigger themes. Wish I'd brought my students. This is the kind of work we need to see more of.

Inventive Urgent Powerful Inspirational

Chiara D’Anna (White Italian Female 40-49)


Very brilliant.  Lot of work put in by the artists. Really impressive. An excellent piece of art.

An Excellent Art Piece

Brenda Ulamu (Black African Male 40-49)


Excellent, wonderful dancing and choreography. Non-verbal communication makes it accessible to all. I expected good and got it!

Sharp Cogent Affecting Beautiful



Very Good & Interesting.

Very Good

Kiyaga Matia (Black African Male 40-49)


Enjoyed it - something different to theatre I would normally see.

Different Engaging Thought-Provoking Entertaining



Absolutely brilliant.

Energetic Gorgeous Brilliant Emotional

Iesha Callinan (Mixed Race Female 30-39)


Very energetic and physical. Very good music.

A Very Good Show

Michael Joseph (Black Caribbean Male 50-59)


Spectacular. A stunning representation of life. Beautiful harmony of dance, music, sound and expressions. Exquisite performance.

Inspired Authentic Riveting Raw

Fay Minty (White British/American Female 30-39)


Amazing evocative dance and music - honest and truthful. Dancers are continually fresh, adding new themes and expression through movement. 3 piece orchestra brilliant. Singing is great - really rich and again, varied. What dancers - superb.

Gorgeous Dance And Music. STRONG!!!

Sarah Minty (White British/Zimbabwean Female 70-79)


Fun, entertaining, nice music. Good performance. Thanks.

Passion Leads To Success

Wei Yang (Asian/Chinese Female 30-39)


Let me start off by saying I've loved your sonic embodiment of rhythm and the metamorphosis of mood - from joyous play to the violence of apartheid protests. Your performance of London street dance really TRAVELLED for me - like the audience had been moved between continents. Much of your focus on cultural representation is facilitated by on/off stage transitions, though I would suggest this limits the performers and audience to dig really deep into emotional investment. Instead it favours the theatrical. How could performers and audience become viscerally and sensorially more deeply involved? E.g. the scene with the ritual - it was the idea of a ritual, but which one? Could it be more nuanced? Researched further? The Kalahari section is POWERFUL.

Energetic Trans-Continental Dance-Theatre

Sophie Bufton (White British Female 20-29)


The second half was considerably more enjoyable than the first. The storyline flowed a lot easier (and forgive me but I'm no expert in contemporary dance). All in all: the music: 10/10; performers 8/10; storyline 6/10. Good performance, outstanding music, story got lost in a few places.

A Modern Survival Story

Laura Middleton (Mixed Female 30-39)


I loved the music and the dance. I think the dancers are amazing!!! Also great acting skills. Sequence of events easy to follow and understandable. Music and live band top class. I wasn't expecting live music so it was a great surprise. I also thought it woudl be just dance - didn't expect the dancers would be such all round performers. Very impressed. I can relate to the story, not being from this country and all my family is abroad. I thought the theme "where is home?" will be looked at more from a "global" perspective. However, I appreciate the point of view.

Touching Engaging Sexy Fantastic

Jola Sieniakiewicz (White Other Female 30-39)


Interesting synthesis of music and dance reflecting lives of young people in SA.

Stimulating Synthesis Music Dance

Joe & Joanna Matthias (Citizen of the World Male & Female 50-59)


Very Good. A Different perspective on the SA struggles.

Energetic Tuneful Enjoyable

Pearl & Graeme (White British and SA Asian Female & Male 50-59)


Very good. An interactive show with African elements.

Variety Of Dance Styles

Sharon Shamesse (Black British African Female 20-29)


The show was filled with drama, emotion and power. However the timeline seemed to move without any real indicator of space or location. The dancing and acting were wonderful.

Impactful Wonderful Missing Home

Waseema Canfield (Cape Malay Female 20-29)


The story line is great although at some points hard to follow and understand. Overall performance was magnificent. Amazing dancing as well as great musical accompaniment. Second act was great. Really loved it. Gave clarity.

Impactful Amazing Touching

Masooda Canfield (Cape Malay Female 16-19)


Easy to follow and gripping. Excellent performers, dancers and the band. We would love to hear the band! Loved the show. Want to see more. It brought together cultural heritage.

Electric Gripping Expressive Exceptional!

Lucy Eborall (White British Female 30-39)


Beautiful dancers - very graceful and fluid. The death scene made me cry - so moving. Loved the music/soundtrack that moved the story along. A really good piece of dance theatre.

Beautiful Breathtaking Moving Performance

Mary Clarke (White British Female 60-69)



Anna Goodman (White British Female)


Amazing - great range of dance and music styles. I love live bands. I love rhythm in dance that can be accompanied by live instruments. Fantastic movement and speed between dancers. They act wonderfully too.

The Complete Rhythm of Dance

Peter Burke (White British Male 30-39)


Energetic and very interesting.

Brilliant Engaging Fun Lively

Jheni Barker (Black British Female 50-59)


It is very inspirational and to the point of great understanding.

Rhythm Style Engagement Understanding

Pamela Henry (Black Caribbean Female 50-59)


Such an uplifting show. The performances were beautiful from all the cast. Such a multi-talented bunch and I loved seeing all their individuality throughout the performance. The range in music diversity was a delight to listen to. It really felt like a Western/South African blend of music and dance.

Multi-talented Diverse Animated Celebration

Ashley Goosey (White British Male 20-29)


Lovely to have live music. Dancers range and commitment a joy to witness. Took me back to my own visits to South Africa. I think young people in schools/community would love and learn lots from this show - especially if newly arrived in the UK.

Eclectic Joyful Energetic & Melodious!!!

Louise Katerega (White British & Black African Female 40-49)



Interesting Impressive Breathtaking

Veska Stoyanova (White Other Female 30-39)


Really powerful. If I was being really harsh, I would say too long.


Debra Freeman (White British Female 50-59)


Amazing energy and emotion. Very expressive. Ridiculous stamina and talent.

Energetic Passionate Emotive Interesting

Natalie Rowe (White British Female 16-19)


I really enjoyed it. The programme helped. Thought the jail scene was great. It lived up to expectations, although I would have liked a little more singing.

Energetic Inventive Challenging

Unnamed (White British Female 60-69)


Brilliant, vibrant and emotive entertainment.

Energetic Dramatic Brilliant Clever

Gerrie Tegerdine (Black Caribbean Female 70-79)


Very creative and expressive. The music was great, but some of the high pitched sounds I found difficult. The dance was brilliant. Thank you and God bless you!

Fabulous. I Loved It.

Vera Quick (White British Female 70-79)


The dancing was stunning, athletic and vibrant. Terrific choreography. Music - great. I love the acoustic bass which gave greater variation than electric. Jazzy ensemble went well with the dancing. Thank you for such a wonderful performance.

Vibrant Exciting Creative Energy

Kate Green (White British Female 60-69)


I didn't feel I followed the storyline as well as I expected to. This is not a negative thing as it encouraged me to think more during the performance. Performers very energetic and entertaining. Honest and true to life. Well done. Excellent performance. Thank you.

Thought-provoking Energetic Honest Interesting

Michele Hoyes (White British Female 40-49)


The energy of the performers is outstanding. The contemporary dance is a new concept to me and is thought provoking. Would like to see more of the 'home' culture in the first half. The onstage band added an exciting dimension. Creative use of props. Thank you to everyone involved - I really enjoyed it.

Innovative Inspiring Energetic Honest

Jade White (White British Female 20-29)


Brilliantly Choreographed Musical Drama

Jennifer Stokes (White British Female 70-79)


Powerful storytelling, dynamic dance, amazing energy. Loved the dynamics, mix of music and use of musicians. Absolutely LOVED it. Fabulous.

Powerful Dynamic Energising Significant

Liz Moan (White British Female 50-59)


The dancers were excellent. Musicians were really good too. Didn't like the loud noise from the speakers and it was always up. Overall a nice experience.

Intense Creative Loud Expressive

Maria (Greek Female 30-39)


Fascinating. Great dancing and interpretation.

Energetic Enjoyable Challenging

Jean Gladstone (White British Female 60-69)


Brilliant celebration of dance and music against oppression. Was challenged to follow the storyline but followed the general narrative. Fantastic dancing. Kept on thinking - "stand up to racism" and "refugees welcome here".

Dancing Celebration Against Oppression

Roger Green (White British Male 70-79)


It was interesting, exploring important themes in a unique way. The dancing and music are energetic and moving. Definitely elicits various emotions - the dancers were so expressive!

Powerful Energetic Jazzy Funky Disturbing Loud

Claudette Joint (White South African Female 40-49)


Very lively, enthusiastic and fast paced. Interesting following the story. FANTASTIC. JOYFUL. Came with a clean slate - hadn't expected the show to be soooo good.

Lively Enthusiasm Warmth Uplifting

Sara Rose (White British Female 50-59)


I really enjoyed it. With only five dancers/actors I think it was performed to a very high quality, with very good musicians.

Energetic Dramatic Theatrical Amazing

P Spear


Very interesting, thought provoking. Dancers incredibly flexible and versatile, music complex, and the juxtaposition of African and English tradition.

Exciting Interesting Thought Provoking

Pearl Ann Harrison (White British English/Irish 70-79)

So much energy put into your wonderful performance.

Energetic Interesting Excellent Intriguing

J Welham (White English Male 70-79)


Amazing! More please.

Moving Tense Beautiful Dynamic

Caroline Bowman (White British Female 60-69)


Varied and enthralling. My favourite part was London Sickness.

Exciting Vibrant Energetic Musical

Jeremy Parsons (White British Male 60-69)


High quality, beautiful imagery and passionate content. The relationship between the live music and physicalness gave the rawness. I loved the rawness, the influences and the juxtaposition of movement. 

Beautiful Passionate Deep Connection

Alix Harris (Mixed White & Black Caribbean Female 20-29)


Because I am bicultural and work in the migrant and refugee teaching English, "Where Is Home?" is my life!! My favourite part was him returning home to his friends - reconciliation, joy - because itbrought home that it isn't because you leave a country that it is less a part of you and that it is only when we leave it that we find out who eactly we are and what's important to us as human beings. In a difficult time in the UK it is good to be reminded that human beings can create something beautiful. 1% Inspiration. 99% Perspiration. Lovely performance. You have so much to offer people.

Healing Beautiful Energetic Inspiring

Jane Silver (White British Female 50-59)


It was all very very very good - good balance between sadness and celebration. A totally strong performance with a strong message about human rights, and how they need to improve big time. Hopefully I will come more times, lots more and bring my friends!

Amazing Power of the Human Spirit

Clare Bryan (Human Being From Planet Earth Female 70-79)



Rhythm Vibrancy Co-ordination

Susanna Griffith (White British Female 70-79)


It was all completely compelling - knocked my socks off. I especially loved the two dances in the second half with the glitzy clothes.

Too Good To Be True

Tracy Shefras (British Gypsy/Traveller Female 50-59)


Joy, excitement. I met Lerato Lipere and 3 of the dancers at the Cider Press shop and they spoke to me at length about State of Emergency and the Zulu peoples and Credo Mutwa.

Vibrant Fun Great Dancing & Story

Unnamed (Citizen Of Mother Earth Female 50-59)


It moved me on many levels. It reminded me of my home, and where is it now? My favourite parts were when they came home, and all the dancing disco outfits. Thank you.

Energetic Exciting Poweful Unique

Philomena Wynne (White Irish Female 50-59)


Very professional, but first half too long by 20 minutes - just too much to absorb, although all very good. My favourite part was Win Win Situation.

Energetic Exciting Thoughtful Skillful

Robben Zies (White Irish Male 60-69)


A rare opportunity to see something like this in rural Devon.

Exciting Fun Emotive Thought-Provoking

Claudia Bownes (White Other Female 60-69)


It was so groovy and you felt every movement/sound. My favourite was the part with the Coca-Cola cans.

Happy Joyous Groovy Funky

Suni India Rose Scott (White British Female Under 16)


A beautiful project. I loved all of it.

Beauty Force Passion Strength

Ingrid Cosma (White Other Female 40-49)


I am interested in the issues it deals with.

Vibrant Energetic Emotional Powerful

Sara Wilson (White British Female 50-59)


I liked the use of the tables, the rhythms, the shapes. My favourite scene was when the person died.

Energy Composition Joy Lightness

Marcea Colley (White British Female 60-69)


We met State of Emergency at the White House and were very impressed and intrigued (lovely people). My favourite part was the first version of Perfect Strangers.

Absolutely Fantastic Highly Recommended

Mags Gainsborough (White British Female 50-59)


The show was very cultural and acknowledged issues faced by Black South Africans in the 1980s. My favourite part was when the man returned home - and the costumes and music then.

It Was Very Excellent

Martha Nyaka (Black African Female 16-19)


Dynamic narrative - people sharing their experiences and hopes. My favourite part was the two people loving each other. The arts can teach, inspire, link up and sow seeds for a better future.

Too Loud Confusing Vivacious - GREAT!

Unnamed (White British Male 50-59)


Spent time with the dancers and couldn't wait to see what they've been working on. My favourite parts were the busy city scene, and club scene - but hard to choose.

Energy Fusion Mesmerising Rhythm

Sonja Hughes (White British 30-39)


High quality dance and music to a loose storyline. Duo work was excellent - great connection between the leads.

Energy Spirit Hope Friendship

Jen Gulbransen (White Other Female 30-39)


Recommended. Dance drama with simple staging. It worked. I was a drama therapist, so I doubly appreciated it.

Quite Brilliant In All Categories

Jane Hoskins (White British Female 70-79)


I sort of imagined it would be more about being a refugee. The death of the hero's mother - poignant and well depicted.

Energetic Heartfelt Emotional Human

Anna Ash (White British Female 50-59)


I worked with this wonderful group at the White House. I loved all of it! Last half hour the best. Love Steve's song.

Lively Engaging Colourful

Fiona Green (White British Female 70-79)


I hoped for some amazing music and dance and I got it!

High Octane 'Blue Bird'

Cathy Kiddle (White British Female 70-79)


Difficult to find a favourite part. I had no expectations. I wanted to enjoy it.

Talented Intense Dynamic Busy

Wendy Smith (White British Female 60-69)


I liked the pas de deux section; also the five dancers between curtains in the contact section!

Emotive Sad Joyful Happy

Janine Scott


Dancers seemed to be really enjoying themselves. My favourite part was the disco.

Energetic Skillful Fun Loving

Unnamed (White British Female 60-69)


Vibrant Dance, Unique Music

Unnamed (White British Female 30-39)


I loved the music and choreography - loved the rhythm.

Rhythm Flow Beat & Beauty

Unnamed (White British Female 60-69)


Brilliant, energetic, 110%, excellent music and staging.

Love All Of It



Creative, dynamic, enthusiastic, energetic, imaginative, well-choreographed.



Loved London Sickness.

Vibrant Professional Energetic Enthralling

Unnamed (White British Female 60-69)


Enjoyed the energy of the performers and the changes in tempo.

Vibrant Energetic Powerful Playful

Unnamed (White British Male 60-69)


I was interested in the subject matter and the show was something new and innovative. Met you guys at the White House for the Beyond Borders event.

Mesmerising Dynamic Fun Moving

Unnamed (White British Female 40-49)


I work at Dartington and am interested in the premise 'where is home?'. I enjoyed the authentic cultural references.

Dramatic Exciting Stylish Energetic

Unnamed (Male 20-29)


I'd heard the dancing was brilliant - and it was. I enjoyed the times of real connection between people. I love dance, especially exuberant dance that I could never do! And to watch something much bigger than my own little life.

Powerful Moving Real Positive

Unnamed (White British Female 70-79)


I enjoyed when the girls came out in their sparkly tops as it was very energetic.

Fun Energetic Lively and Enjoyable

Unnamed (White British Female 20-29)


I especially enjoyed the finale.

Fun Energetic Lively Enjoyable

Unnamed (White British Female 20-29)


Interested in the performance, political times. Music. Craving culture. Thought that it would be less story - it was beautiful and accessible. Liquid choreography. 5 dancers in a small space. Fluid. WOW!

Vibrant Fun Playful

Unnamed (White British/Polish descent 30-39)


I liked the variety, the individual performances and the second half brought resolution.

Vigorous Energetic Emotional

Unnamed (White British Female 60-69)


Heard about it through Refugee Rescue and thought it sounded interesting.

Energetic Provocative Emotional Powerful

Unnamed (White British Female 50-59)

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