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Where Is Home?, the album by Steve Marshall and Wouter Kellerman is released by Megawave Records and is available from all major outlets including Amazon and i-Tunes.
1. Win Win Situation, 2:45 
2. Coming Home, Speak Soon, 4:16 
3. Perfect Strangers, 4:49 
4. Crossing South Africa, 6:36 
5. Colours, 4:23 
6. Buya Ekhaya, 3:28 
7. At The Harbour, 6:26 
8. Mam Gobhozi, 3:38 
9. Jo’burg, 4:26 
10. I Love You, 3:55 
11. Talkin’ ‘Bout Love, 3:29 
12. Keep Moving, 5:24 
13. Dreamcloud, 0:52


Steve Marshall is principally a singer/songwriter who, in 1983, co-founded Pyramid Arts Development, a seminal music and arts centre in Dalston, East London. He set up State of Emergency with Deborah Baddoo in 1986, which was the beginning of a long association with dance theatre. Notably, Steve created three albums with Lee “Scratch” Perry. Two of these productions received Grammy nominations. Working with Lee led to recording and mixing projects with Keith Richards and George Clinton. 
“...Marshall’s excitingly layered, infectious music remains a sensory pleasure.” Donald Hutera, The Times

Wouter Kellerman is a renowned South African flautis who recently won the Grammy® Award in the Best New Age Album category for his album Winds of Samsara.  He has also won two SAMA awards (South African equivalent to the Grammy); one in 2010 for his show Kellerman Colour Live in the ‘Best Jazz/Instrumental/Popular Classical DVD’ category, and his second in 2011 for Two Voices in the ‘Best Instrumental Album’ category, reinforcing his status as one of South Africa’s foremost musicians. 
"Flutist Wouter Kellerman brings together global musical elements to form a powerful, jubilant and universal sound." CD Insight

Ratshepe “Phresh” Makhene is a singer, songwriter, bass player and percussionist, born and raised in Soweto. He worked on Rain Dance with choreographer, Gregory Maqoma and recently toured in India and the USA with Grammy® winner, Wouter Kellerman.

Independent percussionist David Klassen is a full-time freelance drummer and vocalist in the South African music industry. David has worked with many celebrated artists, including Luna Paige, Havana Gas, Wouter Kellerman and Concord Nkabinde.

Composition: Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 11 & 13 (Marshall); Tracks 4, 7, 8, 9, 12 (Klassen, Kellerman, Makhene, Marshall); Track 10 (Joby Fox).

All the tracks were recorded at Jazzworx Studios, Johannesburg, with Wouter Kellerman (Flute), David Klassen (Drums, Percussion and Vocals), Ratshepe Makhene (Bass Guitar, Percussion and Vocals) and Stephen Marshall (Vocals, Guitar and Organ); except Perfect Strangers which was recorded at The Premises Recording Studio, London and features Alan Weekes (Guitar), Kenrick Rowe (Drums) and Michele Montolli (Upright Bass).

Photos © 2017 Daniel Spencer, except cover: Shutterstock 547109620

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